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<Go animate>

This is a useful website. People can make a video and it can be English teaching materials.


 <Yuna Kim figure skating>

This is the figure skating of Yuna Kim who is the world famous figure skating player. This video is “2013 Gold spin of Zagreb Yuna Kim short program”.



You can see “Home of the future” when you click this QR code.


<English reading materials>

This website provides some reading materials for everyone. This is also very useful website for English teachers and students.


<The different way of birthday celebrations>

This website provides the different way of birthday celebrations from all over the world. People who visit this website can get some information of each country’s birthday celebrations.


Bombay TV


<Click here to see bombay TV >

Target age: Adults

Level : Intermediate

On Bombay TV today, A regular customer is going to visit a jewelry store to buy a gift for his wife.Try to find answers for the following questions, watching this short  video.

             – Where is the clerk welcoming his customer?

             – What does Mr. Abdula want to buy?

             – Who does make him angry?

            – Why is he angry? What will happen next?

Write your answers and talk about your opinion in pairs.

I worked with Celina <http://angrycelina.wordpress.com>


ToonDoo Activity


<Lesson Plan With Toondoo>

1. Topic : What were you doing when ~?

2. Skill : Speaking skill

3. Level : upper intermediate / Middle School Students

4. Objective :  First, students will be able to understand use of past continuous and past simple tense together. Second, students will be able to speak what they were doing by using past continuous and past simple tense together.

5. How to use : This is for developing speaking skill.


Let students ask and answer each other what the girl in the cartoon was doing in pairs. Through this activity, they will understand how to use ‘past continuous’ and ‘when + past simple tense’ together.

[The activity following Toondoo] 

First, provides students strips and students work in pairs. Each strip has a clause, the form of when + past simple tense. These are the examples below.

     – when the teacher came to classroom this morning

     – when your mother or father came to your room yesterday

Second, let a student to pick one strip and ask what his/her pair was doing with using the clause together. The other will answer. They keep speaking by reversing the role until they finish all strips.

I worked with:

Celina (http://angrycelina.wordpress.com/)



GoAnimate:Is it better to be skinny than to be fat?


<Click here to see “GoAnimate”>

1. Topic : Is it better to be skinny than to be fat?

2. Skill : Speaking 

3. Level : Intermediate / Elementary School Students

4. Linguistic Feathers : “Comparatives”

5. Objective

– Students will be able to understand “Comparative form”.

– Students will be able to use “Comparatives” correctly.

5. How to use

-Before students watch this video, the teacher teaches how to make “Comparative form”.  ( 10 mins)

– After watching this video, the students make their own script by using “comparative forms” in pairs. (10 mins)

– Students practice role-play with their partner.(5 mins).

– Students do role-play in front of other students.  (15 mins)

– Students vote for the winner team.

I worked with

Celina (http://angrycelina.wordpress.com)


SKKU Promo Poster

Promo Poster-Olivia and Celina

This poster is informing invitation of ’SKKU TESOL Open House’.

The meaning of The ‘Innovation vouchers’ is the invitation card for this course. Through taking the course, students will be able to innovates the way of their teaching English. The green triangle in the poster symbolizes open house. There is important information under  the triangle. In the second column , there are explanations of TESOL program. In the third column, there are ‘Contact us’ information.

I worked with Celina <http://angrycelina.wordpress.com>